When unique ideas meet creative specialists great products happen. lets.build fosters this connection by showcasing ideas to an audience of professionals in a family environment. We invite designers, developers and product people to share their ideas and passion.

Three ideas will be presented as 30 minute interviews on stage. Each interview shall provide worthwhile insights and engage you to get involved transforming an idea into a product.

See what it looked like when we've met on past sessions:


VAI KAI by Justyna Zubrycka

Kids growing up in a connected world surrounded by screens calling for interaction and commanding their attention. While major toy companies are likely to crowd child rooms with connected singing plastics Vai Kai aims to build toys for meaningful experiences for the children of a connected world.
Let Justyna tell you what motivates her to build a wooden toy which communicates emotions and fosters play with imagination. Hear about hardware challenges and why a Kickstarter campaign is fast forward for your idea. Experience the delightfully crafted Avakai companions yourself and hear how you can help to put them into the kids hands.


Years ago most people decided to give away their personal data to large enterprises in order to use their services for free. Today almost everybody is used to store his personal digital belongings and secret thoughts in ‘cloud-silos’ controlled by only a few large organisations like Google and Facebook. While favouring the convenience of using free services the downside of not owning ones data anymore is often neglected.
Bastian found his self questioning this digital world more and more. He came up with a rough draft for a web where everybody is in control of his own data again without loosing the convenience of current services. Let Bastian tell you about this concept and why it is important to get involved turning this vision into reality.

GLÜCK WORKSHOP by Deborah Antoviaque

When kids are encouraged to express themselves and take risks in creating art, they develop a sense of innovation, sensitivity and creativity that will be important in their adult lives. Creating is also a question of understanding the others, working and exchanging with them: art makes children open their mind and open up to the others. Combined with technology, we have this amazing universe of infinite possibilities.
Hear how Deborah created Glück workshop and get to know how you can help her spreading her knowledge and passion for art and technology to kids all over Europe.

Show us your idea!

Do you have a great idea or own a fantastic product? Great! Why not show it to a skilled audience? We'd love hearing about your idea and get you in touch with people who love to help building your next big thing.

Get to know why sharing your idea benefits you and how you can tell us about it!


Prachtwerk Berlin

We're delighted to invite you to spend the evening with us at the fabulous Prachtwerk. Uniquely in Berlin-Neukölln the crew combines high-quality coffe enjoyment, a versatile cultural program and fair traded products. They invest all their profit in social projects and organisations in Berlin and beyond.

You can find the Prachtwerk at Ganghoferstr. 2, right beside the Stadtbad Neukölln. It's located between the underground stations of U7 „Rathaus Neukölln“ and „Karl-Marx-Str.“ There is limited FREE on-site parking, or you could always catch a bus (lines 104 & 167 to Alfred-Scholz-Platz)

Don't know the area? Take a look at the map


Attending lets.build is FREE for you. Also the Prachtwerk baristas will keep you caffeinated for FREE with the finest roast from the Five Elephant micro roastery in Berlin.
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